Yo Mobile CrossOver, first video and details on the Russian hybrid car

After the official presentation of the Yo Mobile CrossCoupé, we finally have a little more information on the first Russian hybrid car!

About the brand, this hybrid vehicle comes from the Yo-Avto group belonging to the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. He invested in early summer around 150 million euros in the development of the brand Yo Mobile.

In terms of technology, the car has an internal combustion engine running on natural gas or gasoline, two electric motors and supercapacitors.

The idea is that the car is powered by two electric motors, one for the front and one in the rear. Electricity is generated by the engine and the supercapacitors are used as buffers: unlike batteries, they have a higher power density but a lower energy density, in short they can receive and deliver more energy faster, without actually storing it...

With this promising technology, the Yo Mobile consumption is announced  at 3.5l/100km, and offers a range of about 700km. Performances: from 0 to 100kph in 10 seconds and a top speed limited to 130kph.

Article by H. the Flanchec

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