Frankfurt 2011: electric motorcycle, Husqvarna E-go

This year in Frankfurt, next to the BMW Concept-E that we have just presented to you, you will find the Husqvarna E-go concept.

Husqvarna_E-Go (3).jpg

First electric proposition of the brand, this concept achieves (on the paper) to combine the qualities of Husqvarna, road agility, efficiency, off-road and super moto ability, all with zero emissions .

The weight announced is 80kg which is very promising compared to other electric motorcycles.
The design recalls the current range of the Swedish brand, radical and high-tech.

On the technology side, to reduce weight to a minimum, apart from the frame made of steel, the whole bike is in aluminum.

Husqvarna_E-Go (7).jpg

With this concept, Husqvarna affirms to be ready for the future with an electric motorcycle adopting effective solutions, and probably hopes to initiate and convince a younger generation of new motorcyclists.

Article by H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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