(VIDEO) Mercedes unveils its first range extended vehicle, the B-Class E-Cell Plus

We already knew Mercedes’s green ranges: BlueEfficiency for efficient ICE engines, E-Cell for electric propulsion and F-Cell for the hydrogen.

Here is a new arrival in the brand’s green alternative, the E-Cell Plus.


Presented as a concept-car based on the new Mercedes B-Class it is fitted with the technology known as the range extender: a small gasoline engine serves as a generator for the batteries, allowing to drive without range anxiety and with low emissions and fuel consumption.

Here, this generator is a 1-liter three cylinder turbo, it powerss the Lithium Ion battery once it is depleted.
Its electric motor delivers 95hp continuous and 136hp in peak. The petrol engine can also be used directly to power the front wheels allowing a 0 to 100kph in 11 seconds in that configuration. The maximum speed is 150kph

The range is 100km in full electric mode and can go up to 600km with the range extender. Some figures remain unknown for the moment, consumption and emissions ...

This study should lead to a launch in 2014

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