(VIDEO) Electric Challenge: Wave 2011 starts from Paris, 3000km in 15 days

After the Zero Race, Louis Palmer initiated the Wave2011, a race that is as much a challenge for some participants. Initiative mainly supported by German and Swiss companies and local authorities, 24 vehicles will travel from Paris to Prague in 15 days.

Some teams were not afraid to spice up the challenge, starting with electric Youngtimers, bikes or even prototypes. Some curious vehicles that make the challenge funnier, a bit like the Wacky Races cartoon.

The teams will be able to test and compare their actual performance in use
Here are some of the teams that caught our interest:

Team Clio 1997
Fitted with an engine developing 30hp and 125Nm, its Vmax stands at 100kph, the 25kWh LiFePO4 battery allows 220km of range.


Proto Tremola

The team Smile by Oekozentrum a buggy converted to electric propulsion.
It has a continuous output of 20hp for a total weight 650kg, LiFePO4 battery allows up to 100 km of range... The energy management will decisive for this team, unless they use the optional range extender.

Team Pasola with their Horlacher Sport 1991
With a weight of 500kg for a maximum power of 28ch, this vehicle had set a world record in 1992 with 547km traveled on a single charge. Its average range is 250 to 300km.


Two bikes, team Euro-Flyer and team Stapel


Team Faraday with a Hotz by Kruspan announced at a range of almost 300km


Program of the journey: 250km per day with a stop in the middle to recharge the batteries.
Note that each competitor has committed to produce the equivalent of its in-race power consumption with renewable energies.

Here's the planned route:


More on the event on their website
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