Drayson Racing and Lola team up for an electric race car (B12/69EV)

Drayson Racing announced early in the summer its association with Lola to create an electric race car, and by the end of July its intention to develop in-race inductive charging in partnership with Halo IPT.

The Lola B12/69EV will be a presumably very impressive technology demonstrator...
On the occasion of the English 2011 LCV Cenex show, more information on this LMP have been revealed.

Although its specs sheet still hasn’t been undisclosed, we now know which partners will work on the project:

-Mavizen A123 batteries (found in the KillaCycle)…
-Engine(s) Oxford YASA currently tested in the Delta Motorsport
-Halo IPT, known for their inductive charging technology
-Multimatic: energy regeneration suspensions
-Cosworth, for electronic control systems
A list of references and knowledge for an ambitious race car project 100% electrically powered that  could virtually race endlessly.

Robin Brundle and Paul Drayson Drayson directors Lola Cars and Drayson Racing aim to build the fastest electric race car in the world! A category in wich we already find “big names” such as Green GT, TMG...  

"Cutting edge systems with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable power are the key elements of the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV all-electric LMP demonstrator. The collection of hi-tech, innovative science and technology companies that DRT and Lola have formed will be instrumental to the success of this landmark vehicle." Paul Drayson
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