First glimpse at the Rimac Concept One

Announced in a press release last July 31st, Rimac Automobili's prototype will be revealed at the Frankfurt show is simply the world's most powerfull road-legal electric car!

The Concept One announces a 0 to 100kph in 2.8 seconds thanks to its 1088hp!


Our second article with the teaser video we were discovering their laboratory and knowledge, far from an amateur work with precision tooling and a desire to be unique, most of the components are developed in-house...


But expectations were high and what we're seeing now is far from being disapointing. Who would have guessed that under the cover of the vehicle shown on the site was hiding such beauty ... The Concept One revealed in these images is the fatest (in acceleration) and most attractive electric car of the market.

Full disclosure of the model will be held on Sept. 13.

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