(VIDEOS) Jaguar C-X16: when the Jaguar goes hybrid (price)

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, Jaguar will reveal this beautiful sport coupe that has the good taste to be equipped with an electric motor to improve performance and reduce emissions.

JAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid (2).jpg

In the C-X16, we find headlights slightly reminiscent of the C-X75 an XK shape, modified and more compact. In the details, we like the opening of the rear window that recalls the elegant E-Type, and the interior mixing sensuality and sport with a combination of red leather and alcantara.
In short a 100% Jaguar pedigree in the details, but a general design that is like no other.
Note that this coupe features SmartPhone connectivity and a central touch screen.

JAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid.jpgJAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid (2).jpg

Now, to the engine: it is a 3-liters V6 (380hp and 450Nm) which is combined with an electric motor of 95hp and 235Nm, they are matted to an 8 speed gearbox supplied by ZF.

This concept is made of aluminum to keep the weight of the vehicle low, its engine is at the front.

JAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid (2).jpg

On the performances side, the Jaguaur C-X16 goes from 0 to 100kph in under 4.4seconds and has a maximum speed of 300kph with emissions of only 165g/km for a consumption of 6.9 l/100km announced!

In addition to a start / stop, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions, the hybrid system, derived from Kers powers a 1.6kWh Lithium Ion.

This technology allows the electric motor to support the combustion engine and improve its efficiency or to provide a power orgy by pushing the "Push to Pass" button placed on the steering wheel combining the power of the two engines for 10 seconds.

JAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid (11).jpgJAGUAR_C-X16_hybrid.jpg

Update : Jaguar has just announced the price of its futur hybrid sports-car : between 55,000£ and 70,000£, between 63.770€ and 81.160€ at today's exchange rate.

Here are all the videos of the Jagaur C-X16

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