(VIDEO) Exo by ExoConcept, the next jetski generation will be electric

Revealed at the Cannes Nautic Show, here are the first images of the Exo, halfway between the Seabob and a Jetski. French-made, its internally developed jet propulsion is 100% electric ...
The Exo is the first vehicle of the company ExoConcept, a French company based in Valence.

In addition to the retail market, they wish to offer water sports centers a fun and environmentally friendly vehicle specifically designed for this type of use (thanks to its removable batteries).

This electric watercraft has required two years of study, development and uses some registered technologies.

The Exo is ergonomic and offer a line that is as innovative as radical giving it a sporty look, like a motorcycle immersed at the 2/3.
Thanks to its low weight (39 to 59kg) and its small size compared to a conventional jetski, it can be easily transported.

Available in three engines and two model ranges, either reinforced ABS or carbon fiber (more luxurious and sporty) the Exo can accommodate 4 to 6 batteries for a range from 1h to 2h30.
Three engines are available 5, 6 and 9.5 hp.

The first deliveries are planned for 2012 with prices starting at € 7290 (without taxes and transport)…

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