(VIDEO) E-Jalopy "Greenwheel" by MTB Cycletech

In our first selection of bikes at the 2011 Eurobike show, we had promised to write a detailled article on this novelty...

First of all, we love the look, between cross and city bike… Then, there is the technolgy used, named "Greenwheel", presumably one of the best system for electric bikes.

The Jalopy is MTB Cycletech’s flagship bike, adding the MIT’s Greenwheel it becomes the E-Jalopy.


The "Greenwheel" technology in detail:

Developped with Michael Lin who created the GreenWheel (a project initiated by the MIT in 2008) and the Copenhagen Wheel, it’s a 26" wheel, that incorporates all the parts related to electric propulsion in a single case.

In the middle, there is the motor that delivers 250W and up to 30Nm of torque, then all the electrical systems and finally the lithium-ion battery pack, all enclosed in an aluminum casing, shock and water proof.


The advantage of this technology is its ease of use, lightweight, it can be installed (retrofitted) on any bike with a rear pitch of 135mm.
The "Greenwheel" weighs 8kg and allows a range of about 30km. The battery charges in 90min. 
To use, it's as simple as a normal bike, the motor starts when you pedal forward and stops when you pedal back.


The Greenwheel features a controller which is connected to the battery and the motor, depending on the situation or the wheel's speed of rotation, the controller increases or decreases the power output. Going up, the power output will be stronger and vice versa, simplifying both cyclist's life and optimizing the one of the battery.

Last but not least, the motor controller is placed between the wheel and the seat and has a Bluetooth connection in order to communicate with your Smartphone in real time, so you can check your performance and the one of the Greenwheel!

Article by H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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