(VIDEO) FlyNano, first tests of the electric version

You must remember the FlyNano, this one-seater aircraft that created the buzz at the Friedrichshafen Aero show in 2011.

Its designers, a little optimistic, had planned a first flight before the summer followed by a series production... But the development has proved far more technical than expected...

FlyNano_electric_test (2).jpg

Therefore, the company decided to take the time necessary, and focused especially on the electric motor, which corresponds better to the needs and constraints of the machine.

The electric motor is a Flytec HPD 13.5 that developps 57Nm of torque, the ajustable propeller comes from Helix.

FlyNano_electric_test (2).jpg

After testing the structure and the engine separately, the final prototype equipped with the electric motor is now tested on the water before its highly anticipated inaugural flight.

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