TTXGP North America: last race for Motoczysz and season for Brammo

This weekend took place the last race of the TTXGP North America at the Miller Motorsport Park in Utah.

The race has been won by Shane Turpin on MotoCzysz building a comfortable lead of 8 seconds on the fastest lap, and a total of 30 seconds on the finish line! He is followed by Tim Hunt on the new Lightning modified since their speed record (331kph).

In third and fourth place the game was different, more than a race, Brammo (Steve Atlas) and MotoElectra (Thad Wolf) were competing for the North American tittle... 


Indeed between the two teams, the one that managed to grab third place was guaranteed to be champion.

Steve Atlas finally placed the Empulse RR three seconds ahead of Thad Wolf… An reward received by Brammo’s Director of Engineering, Brian Wiseman with an undisguised pleasure, he got on the podium to receive a well-deserved magnum of Champagne.

“It’s incredible to think how far we have progressed in such a short period of time. It’s not just the racing technology too, but also the production technology so for Brammo, everything we do for racing is about taking that technology to the street, and that’s why we have teamed up with TTXGP.” Said Brian


This victory is more important than it seems for both the team and us because it heralds the arrival of an impressive road legal Brammo Empulse.

The Empulse RR (race version) has been tested during a season providing a return of experience in extreme conditions. The RR is as a development platform for a road version confirmed in 2012.

The second place of the Championship goes to MotoElectra, an independent team (led by Brian Richardson) that has proven its reliability by participating in each TTXGP NA race. A dream come true for this Norton and alternative propulsion enthusiast...


Miller Motorsport Park race results:

1       Shane Turpin              Motoczysz           1:31.533
2       Tim Hunt                    Lightning              1:39.604
3       Steve Atlas                 Brammo              1:42.331
4       Thad Wolff                 MotoElectra        1:45.472

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