Eurobike 2011: part 2!

After our first selection on September 1st this is the second and last article of what we found and liked at Eurobike this year!

We start with a big crush, the Hawk Hudson E-Bike version 2012, a superb bike whose design recalls the first Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycles. All the details are here: typography, paint, ride position, even the small headlamp! In short we love it, with its lithium-ion battery and 200Watt electric motor elegantly hidden, let’s go to route 66, or almost!

An other novelty, the brand Achiever developed a technology allowing its bikes to be 60% more efficient while using the same engine and same amount of electricity. Instead of fitting the motor in the hub, as most of the electric bike manufacturers (used to) do, Achiever installs it at the bottom of the bracket. Thus, thanks to the powerfull torque offered by electric motors, you can use the gears to increase the efficiency of the bicycle, which consume less due to higher gearing.

Here is what it looks like in the Achiever Hugo 26


Many subcontractors specialized in the development of technologies for electric bikes. This is the case of Bosch which equips AVE bikes, two models are available, one all-terrain and one for the city:
The XHybrid, is the big novelty at Ave bikes, full suspended and matching the pedelecs standards (25kph), its total weight is 20.9 kg.
If you are not keen with off-road, the XSpeed designed for the city offers the same characteristics as the XHybrid but with a smaller, more urban design and therefore more convenient!

And if that is not urban enough for you and that you are looking for the ultimate city weapon... The Cannondale Hooligan is made for you! With its 20" wheels, its two disc brakes, and a small and light frame. We love its compact design a real technology demonstrator!


And to close the 2011 edition of the Eurobike here is the 29 Rotwild Hybrid, also fitted with Bosch technology. The design is neat, the battery dicreet, it features a display screen that indicates: speed, power, the assistance mode used and the average speed. But in addition to that one of the major innovations of this model is that is uses 29" wheels, now used on downhill bikes, the 29-inch wheels enhance comfort, traction, but also off-road capabilities.


Article by H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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