(VIDEO) Green Lord Motors develops an electric trike coming straight out of a manga

Green Motors Lord did it again, after the Tommy Kaira converted to electric propulsion they point out once again with an electric scooter... 

Created in partnership with Kyoto University VBL (Venture Business Laboratory) and Nidec Corporation, they developed an ultra compact three-wheeled electric vehicle (which does not have a name yet ...) 
For now still in prototype phase they plan to launch it in 2012. 

Preliminary specs: its 600Watt electric motor (2.4 kW in peak) allows a maximum speed of 45kph while the 1 kWh battery has a 30km range. 


Only drawback, its weight (90kg) but that does not interfere much with the vehicle handling as it is equipped with three wheels... 

The two rear wheels perform a pendulum swing in the curves, this technology improves handling and ride comfort. We like the kinematics which is equivalent to the one of the Piaggio MP3 but with the technology placed in the rear. 
This trike will be available in Spring at a price of 300.000JPY, € 2,700 at today’s exchange rate. 

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