2012 Honda Insight: emissions down to 96g/km

When we talk about hybrid cars, most of us think of Toyota and the Prius but Honda also develop an hybrid technology called IMA and offers versions than its competitor with four models (two sedans and two compact)!

The equivalent of the Prius at Honda (easily identifiable model, especially developed for the hybrid propulsion) is the Insight.

Its 2012 version, to be launched at the IAA 2011, the Insight is updated and improved, particularly in aerodynamics and efficiency of the engine block via a reduction of the frictions.


Its design and suspension have also been modified, it adopts a new grille and a new spoiler providing greater rear visibility.

These changes allow the Insight emissions to go below 100g/km with 96g/km (101g for the previous generation), consumption figure? We’ll have to wait its official reveal...

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