Eurobike 2011: our selection of novelties

Today we will present the latest news in cycling whether electric, foldable, both, or simply beautiful.

The Eurobike is considered as THE reference and the multitude of aisles and halls confirms that! Here is a short overview.

The Smart eBike is one of the stars of the show in 2011, we have presented it twice in preview, it is now presented to the press and the public for the first time. The opportunity to discover a light gray livery which is much more elegant than the white and green one known until then.


The Ikin Bike: it's a lightweight electric bike, with front and rear disc brakes. A very clean design and handy small wheels. No additional information yet but we will keep you posted.


We could not speak of the show without presenting the Gryphon e-bike, a prototype developed by Trans X PST. This electric all-terrain bike has front and rear discs, front suspension and its powerful electric motor (about 70Nm in peak) allows it to compete with the tenors of the segment, including the KTM e-Lycan.


A beautiful novelty this year comes from MTB Cycletech. It is the e-Jalopy Greenwheel. Clearly their Jalopy model but with MIT’s Greenwheel technology (competitor of the Copenhagen Wheel). A special article will be dedicated to the model soon.


Also this year we discover the Hercules E-Versa fitted with the Protanium technology. Hercules, a German brand already established on the pedelec sector for a few years benefits from 125 years of experience! Its already large range of pedelecs grows with the E-versa, a foldable electric bike, easy to store in your car, office or carry in the transports. Its philosophy: to be mobile as quickly as possible in any place. The E-versa is available in classic or pro version from € 1399.


Time for fans of downhill and hillclimb now! Steinbach presents its new electric bike! This is nothing less than the lightest electric cross bike with 9.7 kg and because we in at the redaction of TechVehi we ride fixies weighting under 8kg (and a VanHulsteijn) we can guarantee that this is a real technical feat! The Austrian brand has hidden the motor below the seat. When activated it powers directly the pedals.


The Third Element eSpire Comp that we introduced a few days ago on the site was also present this year! 

The penultimate discovery of the Eurobike exhibiton is the e-LOM, a superb electric cross bike, carefully designed while still in prototype phase. It is fitted with a motor that develops a maximum power of 250watts for a torque of 50Nm. Very well equipped with front and rear suspensions and disc-brakes, the e-LOM really stands out in terms of look and we like that!


To end this article, here’s a big curiosity. The company Bernds who specialises in the construction of folding bicycle introduced a concept of an electric foldable tandem! The folding tandem was already a big news, but with an electric assist it’s a first!


Article by our special reporter H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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