(VIDEO) Frankfurt 2011: The electric micro city cars attack (Twizy-killer)

Even before Renault had time to establish its monopoly in the field, competitors deploy all their imagination to counter this outstanding product.

Indeed Renault has identified a niche in which all the manufacturers rush  with many concept-cars at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

-After KTM who was the first to respond with the E3W an electric three-wheeler.


-Then it was the turn-of VW to reveal his intentions for a micro-electric city car the Nils whose first images have just been revealed


This micro city-car is fitted with a 34hp and 130Nm motor that allows the 0 to 100kph to be under 11 seconds while the top speed is limited to 130kph. Its 5,3kWh battery pack allows a 65km range thanks to a weight of only 460kg. Charging takes 2hours.

-Then a teaser of a micro electric car by Opel


Called One Euro Car its a lightweight electric two seater with a 100km range and a max. speed of 120kph.


This segment previously abandoned by the manufacturers and populated by small independent (Cree SAM, Myers Motors, Arcimoto...) appears to be one of the most promising of electric mobility, reducing the urban car to its main purpose, mobility, with minimal footprint and zero-emissions.

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