(VIDEO) IAA 2011: Smart ForVision a glimpse on the new Smart with an electric concept-car

The partnership between Daimler and BASF just gave birth to concept called ForVision, a futuristic design and maximized efficiency.

Synergies with the batteries seemed obvious, but the partnership between the two companies goes further. Especially in research and development of new materials through BASF’s expertise in polymers based on nano technology. 

Smart_ForVision_IAA2011 (2).jpg

The zero-emission vehicles bring new challenges to the manufacturers, particularly in terms of weight (critical factor for the efficiency of an electric vehicle) and sound insulation as the quietness of the car makes road noises very loud.
Thus in this concept we find various new materials such as organic solar cells, diodes for the headlights, OLED for the interior lighting, foams for thermal insulation, but also and its a first 100% plastic wheels, allowing to save 3kg per wheel!

Smart_ForVision_IAA2011 (2).jpg

The Tridion is now in epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fiber (as well as other elements) providing weight reduction of 30% compared with aluminum and up to 50% compared with steel . 

On the interior, the foam used for the seats to retrieve 10 to 20% less weight. 

These technologies are at different stages of development, while some are still in the laboratory, others may emerge soon.

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