Skoda Octavia Green E Line: production starts

At the Paris Auto Show in 2010, Skoda revealed the Skoda Green E Line a model based an Octavia Combi, built to take part in a test fleet that will be used to develop PHEVs that Skoda will launch soon.

10 units will be produced for the moment and will arrive on European roads this fall.

Skoda Green E Line.jpg

The Skoda Green E Line is fitted with a pedestrian alert automatically activated at speeds under 40kph.

“Emission-free mobility is one of our key goals for the future, and my opinion is that electromobiles are the right answer to the increasingly stringent emission limits and the need to develop the automotive industry sustainably.” ŠKODA Auto BOD Member for Technological Development Dr. Eckhard Scholz

Skoda Green E Line.jpg
For the record the Skoda Green E Line is powered by a 60kW electric motor offering 85kW (115hp) in peak but especially a 270Nm torque that allows to accelerate from 0 to 100kph in 12 seconds, top speed is limited at 135kph.
The 26.5 kWh battery allows a 150km range.

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