(VIDEO) Frankfurt 2011: Peugeot HX1, PSA's first plug-in vehicle

Before its official reveal at the 2011 IAA in Frankfurt (along with the 508RXH) Peugeot unveils the first details of its latest concept-car, the HX1.

4.95m long 1.99m wide and 1.37m high despite its large proportions this concept keeps a dynamic and streamlined look.

This sedan like estate (and vice versa) "sculpted by aerodynamics" welcomes 6 persons "extreme" and adaptable (mobile) aerodynamics.


Under the hood of this large hybrid sedan, we find the 204hp diesel 2.2l HDi mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Combined with an electric motor of 95hp (70kW), the total power is 299 hp.

The HYbrid4 technology is for the first presented in a plug-in version that allows up to 30km range in 100% electric mode and record consumption and emissions figures of 3.2 l/100km (73,5mpg) and 83g/km!


In search for a maximum efficiency, the HX1 imagines future solutions in terms of architecture, modularity, materials, aerodynamics and finally engine.

Impressive at standstill , it is even more in motion: over 100kph, moving parts are deployed, seven flaps placed on each wheels are used to provide a flat surface and therefore less frictional resistance, a spoiler and two lateral appendages are also appearing.

Peugeot_HX1 (9).jpgPeugeot_HX1 (9).jpg

With these elements the Cd is 0.28 even more impressive given its size (and below the one offered by the Prius estate 0,29).

Only a concept-car for the moment if the vehicle sees series production it would be a competitor of the Volvo V60 Plug-in.

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