Electric bicycles: Yamaha "PAS" two new pedelecs (Japan)

Here are two new, or rather updates of Yamaha’s electric bikes, in fact the series PAS exists since 1993. 

For now only launched in Japan, we imagine that they should know the same fate as the electric scooter of the brand, the Yamaha EC-03, which originally launched in Japan arrived in Europe a few months later. 

The 2011 “PAS” range comes in two models, a male model focused on performance, the PAS Brace-L and a female model more focused on comfort and practicality, the PAS Vienta. 
Available in four colors, the two bikes are fitted with a 240Watt electric motor and a 8 speed in-hub transmission. The female model receives additional accessories but a smaller battery allowing it to be 2kg lighter. 

However, the “male” version proposes a disc brake as opposed to the woman one. 

Both bikes offer three levels of support, the functions are operated and controlled by a small LCD screen that can display also the number of calories burned, miles, battery state... 

Note that the battery has a longer life with a number of cycles that double to 900cycles against 450 before. 

Both models will be launched from next September 15 on the local market. 
Their prices are ¥149,800 and ¥134,800 or €1350 and € 1215 for the versions man and woman respectively. 
Annual volumes on the local market are planned to reach 4500 units (for both models). 

Via Yamaha

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