(VIDEO) MIT’s folding electric car demonstration

Project initiated in 2003 with the first final sketches revealed last year, this car which was up to now just a concept, begins to take shape.

At the conference Media Evolution in Sweden MIT students presented a half-scale prototype to demonstrate the capabilities of their vehicle.

The CityCar showcases many innovations, it has four-wheel steering, it folds to minimize its size, but more than just a vehicle MIT students want this car to reinvent our idea of the car and mobility.

With a size equivalent to a Smart (a little wider), it is perfectly adapted to urban areas. Connected and intelligent with specifically developed tools, it is likely to serve as base to self-service rental, much like the french AutoLib set to be launched by year end, with a one way possibility.

The first real size prototype will be presented next year before the start of production scheduled for 2013.

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