(VIDEO) Project Icare: around the world with renewable energies on three wheels

A few days before the final stop and their return to Switzerland, after a journey of over 16000km, and while the vehicle is currently on its way to Metz in France, lets have a look to this technical and human adventure.

Their goal was to achieve a world tour in an human hybrid electric vehicle, on board of a Twike. Using only renewable energies and a maximum of solar and wind, hence the name of vehicle "éolio-solar"

The adventure began in May 2010, Marc Muller initiator of the project has been joined by several teammates, including journalists (eco-reporters) whose mission was to make reports on green initiatives in the countries visited.


The car named Icarette is equipped with a trailer fitted with solar panels and has a wind turbine to provide extra power when the vehicle is stopped.

After 15 months of travel through Lausanne, Rabat, Washington, San Francisco, Quito, Buenos Aires, Stockholm and Istanbul ... The Icarette will end its journey on September 3rd in Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland.

Here is the power consumption at the moment:
From the beginning, on 15/05/2010 10:17 GMT
Distance achieved: 16045.2 km
Solar Energy produced: 598.77 kWh
Wind energy output: 27.07 kWh
Energy consumption: 1152.41 kWh

The difference between energy produced and consumed comes from biomass and hydroelectric power.

The vehicle in figures
Its 5 kW engine allows to reach 80kph, it is powered by a 15kWh rechargeable LiFePO4 battery allowing 250km of range.

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