(VIDEO) SMT Rail presents the electromagnetic aerial tramway

As proven by Poma who installed an aerial tramway between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island, this transportation mode is simple and reliable, but, you can also decide to go further like SMT Rail who optimized the flexibility and efficiency of this technology. 

Thanks to a combination of electric and magnetic technologies, this transit system requires very little energy. Self-sufficient and using only the energy produced by solar panels placed on the cabin (and batteries that store the excess of energy) or wind energy, it is not connected to the grid and can be installed on all types of terrain. 

Thanks to its design, the SMT Rail technology has a low impact on the environment and traffic.
Touch screen and talking maps are there to guide the visitor through the city and to indicate appropriate locations to visit. 

His levitation technology enables it to operate in all types of weather, earthquake, flood, hurricane and without noise or friction. Fully automated, the system is operational 24/24 and 7/7. 
Stations are placed on the ground, cabins go down to get the passengers. 

Its announced cost is "inferior to other modes of transportation". The excess electricity produced can be sold and another potential source of income, is in the screens placed in the stations and cabins which can be used to generate advertising revenue .

This technology is based on very few moving parts, therefore maintenance is easier. 
Cabs can reach speeds of 70mph (113kph) in urban areas and up to 300 mph (483kph) on long distance trips. 

This system was designed for passenger transport but also as a cargo, it can support up to 10 US ton and welcomes cars. Thus we can imagine a line beside the highway to travel faster, greener and at a lower cost. It can also be used in airports, mines, construction sites, theme parks and hospitals... 

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