(VIDEO) VW Up in details, engines, price and images

Forget the Lupo here is the Up! from a 79g/km!  

VW's new city vehicle, with its 3.54 m long and 1.64 meters wide, accommodates four passengers in one of the most compact formats of the market. 


Three versions corresponding to three different budgets "take up!", the most affordable, the "move up!" comfort-oriented and "high up!" the high-end version that will have special edition the "white up!" and "black up!".


Regarding the engines, the 1.0l three cylinders are arriving with outputs of 60 and 75hp.Fitted with the BlueMotion technologies they offer consumption of 4.2 and 4.3 l per 100km respectively with emissions below 100g/km. 

A version powered by natural gas will also be available with 68hp, it offers a consumption equivalent to 3.2 l per 100km for emissions as low as 79g/km in BlueMotion version. 

Additionally, the electric version of the Up! has been officially confirmed for 2013.

A particular attention has been paid to the space optimization, as evidence, the 251litres trunk can move up to 951 liter with the rear seats folded.


The slogan for the interior "fun" to break with very classic codes of the brand with for instance the adoption of the Dash Pad, a new generation on-board computer placed between the driver and passenger, or the use of the body color in the interior.

Inside we also find storage boxes to meet any type of need or situation, the children box, the city and travel boxes... 

Infotainment goes mobile with the PID (Portable Infotainment Device) system maps+ more created in cooperation with Navigon (Garmin), the touch pad handles the navigation, telephone and other connectivities. It provides informations on the car and offers a variety of applications. 

The Up! will be available in Europe from December for a price starting at 9850€. 

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