(VIDEO) All the speed records with electric vehicles

This article/report will gather and update all the speed records set with electric vehicles.
The program: amazing speeds, lap records and breathtaking accelerations.


-Speed record for the Venturi Jamais Contente (Buckeye Bullet) with 500 kph

TT Zero

Both MotoCzysz E1pc win this year’s race and with 99,6mph get very close to the reference average speed set at 100mph (160kph)

Race tracks

-Laguna Seca
1. Kleenspeed with their electric EV-X11 at the Races Refuel 1: 38.858. In short, 200hp and 407Nm, with a weight of only 633kg, maximum speed of 225kph.

2. Mission Motors with the Mission R

With 9: 01.338, the Peugeot EX1 holds the lap record, it replaced the Mini E, but with the Toyota Motorsport prototype on its tracks, this record will probably be smashed soon.


New record on the Nurburgring with the TMG EV P001, a prototype built on a chassis from Radical and already tested in an electric version with the e-Wolf Alpha1 SRF... 

EX1's record has been smashed and is now set at 7:47.79 (full article here)

Pikes peakPikes Peak

Here is the Nissan Leaf in almost standard version, just a few weight savings and record for a production vehicle with 14 minutes and 33 seconds

Record holder for an electric prototype here is the Yokohama HER-02, which this year has set the bar even higher with 12: 20.084

Not far from this record we find Chip Yates’s powerfullelectric motorcycle who managed to do the hill-climb in 12 minutes and 50 seconds.

Acceleration with electric vehicles

Team Haiyin’s electric Camaro: the 400m (quarter mile) in 10.08 seconds, or as fast as a Bugatti Veyron!

-The White Zombie, based on a 1972 Datsun, 400m in 10.258 seconds

Acceleration with hybrid vehicles

-The Infiniti M35h does the quarter mile in 13.9031 seconds  (average of all runs)



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