(VIDEO) Smart ED 2012 from 16000€, third evolution, performances comparable to internal combustion engines!

This third generation is the result of the experimentations and partnerships developed by Daimler for almost 5 years. More efficient and with a greater range, it will also be produced in much more units.

Available from spring 2012, the third-generation of the Smart ED receives an engine that delivers 55kW (75hp) in peak instead of 30 previously, its maximum speed gains 20kph to 120kph while the range is now 140km.

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Still produced in Hambach, France, the volumes reach the next level with at least 10,000 units that will be available in 30 "markets" at an international level.

Since the first fleet in 2007 in England with 100 vehicles, the second generation, whose scheduled production has been doubled to 2,000 units, has brought crucial information on the use of vehicles.
The third generation continues its route quietly, exit the Tesla batteries, Deutsche Accumotive now provides a 17.6 kWh battery, the motor is the first component from the joint venture between Daimler and Bosch (EM-Motive) and allows to achieve a 0 to 60kph in 5 seconds or 1.5 seconds better than the previous generation!
Integrated 22kW charger (fast charging option) allows charging in one hour

Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart: "With the new generation the frequently cited "electric era" has finally arrived." For the further development of the smart fortwo electric drive the company was able to bring in extensive experience and customer feedback from various electric mobility projects.”

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Still available in cab or coupe, in addition to the conventional equipment Smart has developed a specific application called Smart Drive for advanced connectivity with Smartphones that, in addition to the functions of on-board computer, music, wireless calls, internet radio, navigation system and connected services, features a service especially thought for distracted people, Carfinder retrieves the location of our vehicle if you forgot where you parked it!

Update: Smart has just announced that the Smart ED will finally be available to the public from next spring for 16000€ plus a 60€ monthly fee to rent the battery.

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