(VIDEO) Quimera AEGT01: an electric rocket on 4 wheels

This week we previewed the Concept One from Rimac Automobili and its revelation in the Frankfurt Auto Show, but not even unveiled yet, a response from an international group comes to thwart Mate Rimac’s plans who wanted to release the world's fastest electric car...


Indeed, although the announced characteristics of the Concept One are even more impressive, the AEGT01 already is a driving prototype that offers blistering performances at the level of the Green GT and Formulec.

This electric car race called Quimera AEGT01 is the first prototype of the company Quimera that focuses on the development of urban and green vehicle concepts, always innovative and performance-based. The AEGT01 has been developed with Altran’s technical partnership.

This GT measures almost 5m long (4.8 m) and 2m wide has three electric motors of 231hp for a total capacity of 700hp and 1000Nm of torque.
It reaches 300kph and 0 to 100kph takes only 3 seconds.


Tested on the Motorland F1 race track in Spain, the speed in turns are impressive.
Equipped with a gear box with speeds (exact number unknown), the on-board sensations have nothing to envy to those of classic racing cars.

Autonomy remains an unknown, because with such power, the batteries must have a limited range...

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