(VIDEO) Audi A0, the electric monocycle

A few days ago, we presented the Urban Concept as the smallest vehicle of the range Audi, but the brand just released another surprise concept for the Frankfurt Auto Show 2011 that promises a very interesting high-tech and electric offensive on their both a few weeks from now…

Developed by the students of the Technische Universität München TUM (which will also present a concept-car called Mute) in partnership with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and under the supervision of Mr. Klemens Rossnagel, Head Designer of Audi Design Research Center Munich, the A0 is a self stabilized unipersonnal mobility concept.

Built for urban use, thanks to its compact size, it can be placed in the office and is designed for easy commuting.

Preliminary data of this vehicle are: a maximum speed of 15kph and a range of 10km for a current weight (which can apparently be easily reduced) of 22kg.

This is a perfect new member for the non-identified-vehicles category in our database (NIV).

Par Technologic Vehicles
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