European electric rally: E-Miglia 2011 (video + gallery)

After the article on the first day of this year’s event lets have a closer look to the next stages.

The second day of the E-miglia 2011 was the most challenging of the event with a 267km stage of winding road, from Mittersill to Bolzano through the famous Grossglockner mountain road (which unfortunately could not take place in optimal conditions ).


Indeed, while the 31 vehicles were charging during the night in Mittersill, the electricity demand was too high for this small town and caused a power cut on the chargers of 13 participants...
Therefore the only timed part has been the Grossglockner special, a 12.7km climb to be completed in less than 15min.

The third stage from Bolzano to Engadin, was highly anticipated by the participants as a track test was organized during the day.


The fourth and final stage of the electric european rally, was crowned by an arrival in the heart of the city of St Moritz!


This year e-miglia was 780 km with zero emissions from Munich to St Moritz, four countries visited (Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland), 31 participants all in 4 days only!
The rally has been so popular that the organizers have decided to do a winter version starting this year, the E-miglia Snow, that will be even more challenging for pilots and vehicles…

Here are the final results of the 2011 edition
The 2010 titleholder Tim Ruhoff keeps its place, note the good performance of the JetCar and Think City respectively 2nd and 3rd.

1. Tim Ruhoff, Stephan Willemsen - Team Energiebau / NextGM - Tesla
2. Lars Krueger, Christian Wenger-Rosenau - Team Jetcar - Jetcar
3. Fuzzy Walter Kofler, Claudia Kofler - Motorsport Team Autotest - Think City
4. Reiner Mauch - Mauch Team - Tesla
5. Eric Comas, Peter Podhorsky - Team Green Challenge Cars - Tesla

Article by H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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