(VIDEO) The Audi Urban Concept revealed (e-tron)

Spied earlier this week, Audi unveils the Urban Concept , this 2 seater urban electric vehicle as only recognizable feature with current Audi lineup, the LED lights!

To briefly describe it, the bubble cockpit is made from CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) and at four angles protruding wheels, “specific” suspension and promises sporty performances at ground level.


A perfect green city go-kart!

The cockpit and the complete structure of the car is based on construction principles oriented towards lightweight and efficiency.
This concept receives the name e-tron, however the rumor of a range Audi "E" has not been confirmed ...

The only technical elements revealed are that the Audi Urban Concept receives 21-inch wheels and two e-tron engines powered by lithium ion batteries.

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