(VIDEO) Electric aircraft: first flight of the MC30E “Luciole” powered by ELECTRAVIA

After the CriCri and the Elektra One, another small electric plane has prooved its capabilities on video.

To be more specific, it is not the first flight of this electric “Luciole” (Firefly),registered 59 DAH,butit is thefirst with an ELECTRAVIA engine.

This version has developed jointly by LSA and ELECTRAVIA. The MC30E made its first official test-flights this week on the aerodrome of Sisteron.

In three days the pilot Jean-Luc Soulier (founder of LSA) made no fewer than seven flights during which the MC30E took off with a minimum distance of 62 m and reached a maximum speed of 220kph.


The electric “Luciole” is a technology demonstrator and test bed equipped with an Electravia propulsion system and a KOKAM battery.

The MC30E offers better performances than its equivalent with a petrol engine, including improvements up to 40%, in example on the take-off distance and climb rate.

Technical details:
-26hp electric motor (E-MOTOR 102 GMPE)
-Two-blade propeller E-PROPS
-33kg Lithium Polymer KOKAM battery with a capacity of 4.7 kWh for an autonomy of 55 minutes.
-Empty weight of 113kg.

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