(VIDEO) Bmw i3 Concept: the electric compact car in details (2013)

The range "i" allows BMW to innovate and reach new customers, less focused on power and engines but more on technology, efficiency and connectivity. 

This range "i" redefines the codes of premium vehicles, in the forefront, leaving more freedom to the brand without disturbing its classic model range that already have the Efficient Dynamics and Active Hybrid technologies.
BMW sets the tone with the first two models, Bmw i8 and Bmw i3, technological spearheads of the brand on two different segments and strategies, practicality and fun, "volume" and image. 

100% electric city car, the BMW i3 has been specifically designed for electric propulsion, it is not a conversion but a platform based on a new lightweight architecture.

True Bmw, the i3 is a rear wheel drive that offers maximum driving pleasure, agile with direct driving experience, the batteries take place in the floor and lowers the center of gravity for better dynamics. 

More than "just" an electric car the i3 is fitted with the latest innovations, connected, and using high-tech and eco-friendly materials, pursuing Bmw’s tradition of premium vehicles, but in a renewed way: 

-Safe and light Life Drive architecture in carbon (CFRP)
-Compact yet spacious with its specific architecture 
-Use of renewable raw materials for the interior, natural fibers and naturally tanned leather 
-3D “floating” instrumentation 

The ECO PRO mode consumes a minimum energy, with a less reactive throttle response, and a maximum regeneration of energy. 

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