(VIDEO) Bmw i8 Concept: the plug-in sports coupe in details (2014)

The electric drivetrain of the Bmw i8 is derived from the i3, placed on the front axle, it is combined with a three-cylinder high performance engine which is placed on the rear axle, it develops 220hp and 300Nm. 

bmw_i8 (2).jpg

The 130hp and 250Nm electric motor can be used independently or combined to the gasoline engine, to provide interesting performances, even in extreme driving conditions consumption remains between 5 and 7 l/100km.
Fully charged (from 0 to 100% in 1h45) the Lithium Ion battery allows 35 km of range in electric only. 

This 2 +2 coupe has received a specific work on the air flow with a low drag and an optimized aerodynamics that provides the necessary cooling to the engine.

The LifeDrive architecture (passenger cell in carbon CFRP) highlights the sporty character of the vehicle while the "energy tunnel" that houses the battery lowers the center of gravity of the car and allows an optimum weight distribution of 50/50. 

The 3D instrumentation display gives the final touch to this high-tech eco-friendly sports coupé... 

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