(VIDEO) Two U-Boat Worx submarines ready to be chartered

The Dutch submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx (UBW) announced that they have two models ready to be chartered. UBW provides the opportunity for individuals or scientists to have a submersible to explore the seabed up to depth of 100 meters.

Indeed the cost of a submarine is such (from € 500,000) that the rental is the best way to envision yourself as Captain Nemo…

The UBW submarines offer a very comfortable “journey”, without feeling the pressure changes and with an air conditioning system while their lithium ion battery packs offers a 6 hours dive.

U_boat_worx_C-Quester (3).jpg

The two submarines available are the C-Quester 3 for three people and the C-Explorer 2 for two people and offering a 360 degree view.


UBW takes care of the transportation to destination and provides accessories such as HD cameras, manipulator arms, lights, etc ... And of course the training of the crew.

To learn more about the “leisure” submarines, here are other models we have listed in the database.

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