Vanhulsteijn bikes arrive in France

Now that the first French units are available and our Parisian partner has been selected, it is time to tell you the story of Vanhulsteijn bikes, and their arrival in France since our meeting with Herman Vanhulsteijn.

It all started with the article published on March 27th, an article in which we didn’t manage to hide our enthusiasm for the object. Arnhem is not so far away from Paris, so I decided to go and meet the creator of the brand, and left with a bike, a friend, and strong will to develop the brand in France.

Vanhulsteijn_25 (2).JPG

Thus the first French model was born, the Cyclone Vanhulsteijn #25 in a color and configuration supervised by Herman Vanhulsteijn who likes to ensure the soul of each model.

Then there was the meeting with Philippe from UrbanSolutions in Paris, and his shop full of technical objects, unusual brands and insolent “montage à la carte”.
Philippe fell in love with the bike and this second meeting soon led to a visit of Herman and the arrival of three new Vanhulsteijn, fixies #30 #31 and #32 black and silver with front brake, full miche, with canvas convered handlebars (the Vanhulsteijn touch…) three sizes S, M and L.
Here's for the news, an d for the preview, Herman and did not come empty handed to Paris, he brought us the # 28, prototype of a special edition to celebrate the arrival if the bikes in France.
Next step Switzerland and Geneva in September.
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