(VIDEO) E-Bike: launch of the KTM eGnition

Before the arrival of the motorcycle FreeRide next year, KTM’s cycles branch has revealed their top of range e-bike.

Presented at the Munich Bike Expo, this latest creation is more comparable to an electric motorbike than a pedelec.


Fitted with the CleanMobile technology, its weight of 33kg is more than offset by an engine that develops 1.2 kilowatts and 150Nm of torque!

Its 480Wh Lithium Ion battery provides a range of 40km minimum and varies depending on the use (up to 70km).

For its maximum speed, although it is not listed I suggest that you refer to the video below for a preview of its performances, and don’t worry, two Magura MT-4 rotor 203 disc brakes are there to stop you...

KTM_egnition (2).jpg

This limited edition of 88 units is priced at € 8888 and for the cheaper version (and road legal) you can turn to the eLycan that we will test for you in September.

Does it have competitors?
In the same price range and corresponding to an off-roard extrem use there is the Third Element Espire, the Stealth Electric bikes, and finally the much more expensive M55 Terminus


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