Pedelecs : a new challenge between BMW and Daimler?

While BMW announces the launch of a bicycle for the London Olympic Games, Daimler answers by launching the production of the ebike presented at the Paris Auto Show in 2010.

Smart's ebike

The exponential growth of the two-wheeler market, including the "pedelec" (electrically assisted bicycle) in China with over 120 million electric bikes, pushed Daimler to announce that they will produce the ebike starting from next year.

The Smart "ebike" is a pedelec, a standard that limits the power of the engine to 250W engine and the speed to 25kph, as soon as this speed is reached, the motor is automatically cuts off.


Currently no revelation has been made on the market that will receive the first units of this bike while the launch of the scooter is still under study...

“Smart Chief Executive Annette Winkler has disclosed recently that Smart had decided to launch the electric bicycle next year when it starts "volume production" of the bike, said Anthea Wang, a spokeswoman for Daimler's Mercedes-Benz unit in China.”

BMW’s pedelec

After having recently revealed its concept of electric scooter, BMW, which is a partner of the London 2012 Olympic Games has unveiled the first vehicle for the organizers, a bike!


In total 400 bicycles will be used by LOCOG, the remaining vehicles will be cars of the range Efficient Dynamics, motorcycles as well as 200 Mini E and BMW Active E.

Will also be revealed next year, hybrid cars (presumably the 5 Series ActiveHybrid) and a Pedelec.

For now, only one image was revealed and it seems to hide a folding bike, BMW has already announced the mass production but no public launch date has filtered yet.


Conclusion: despite the advantage that Daimler has, (their bike was introduced last year) it seems like the battle will be tough as BMW does not hide its ambitions: they do not reveal a concept but a real functional bike that will be produced in from series next year with at least 200 units for the LOCOG ...

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