Electric sports-car: K1 Evelio

An English company has just released the Evelio, an electric car based on the K1 Attack Roaster chassis.

At the inception of this project, there is Alex Letteriello, aged of 34 and after working at Vauxhall and then owning its garage, he wanted to develop an electric supercar, with a small team and without funding...

The idea seemed crazy, but just over two and a half years later, here is the result!

K1_Evelio_electric_Attack (3).jpg

Although these are only preliminary data, I guess you can not wait to know its specifications: powered by a 200hp motor, the Evolio’s speed is limited at a 145kph but 0 to 100kph should take less than 3.2 seconds... Evelio opted for Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries that offer a range between 160 and 240 km depending on the type of driving.

K1_Evelio (2).jpg

Technology demonstrator aimed to attract potential investors, the Evelio could emerge if the public shows enough  interest.

To be continued ...

There is no video of the Evelio available yet but as the K1 Attack is a kit car, few EV enthusiasts already came up with interesting conversions.

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