(VIDEO) New Yaris: engines & price

After the first images of the European version released on June 15, more information arrives on the engines.

Two petrol engines 1.0l and 1.3l VVT-i and a 1.4l D4-D turbodiesel engine all meeting the Euro 5 standard.

The engines have been updated and are the result of Toyota Optimal Drive measures to maximize performance and minimize fuel consumption and emissions, reductions are up to 7% over the previous versions.

Toyota also offers a new 7 speed sequential gearbox Multidrive S (1.3 VVT-i) based on the CVT technology, the MultiDrive gearbox on the 1.4 D4-D (robotized gearbox ) and the Stop & Start as an option.


The 1.0 VVT-i, is the result of downsizing, it is a 69hp 3-cylinder offering 93Nm of torque. Matted with the 5-speed manual transmission it allows consumption of 4.8 l/100 for emissions of 110g/km.
Available from 12190€ in 3-door version.

The 1.3 Dual VVT-i develops 99hp and 125Nm of torque, with the new transmission Multidrive S, consumption is 5.1 l/100 for emissions of 118g/km
Available from 14800€ in 3-door version.

Finally, the 1.4 liter D4-D, with series particulate filter, it delivers 90hp and 205Nm of torque. With the 6-speed manual transmission it allows consumption of 3.9 l/100 and emissions of 103g/km.
Available from 14620€ in 3-door version.

The 5-door version ads 500€ to the price.

Via Toyota

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