Audi A5 facelift, a 204hp V6 TDI emitting only 129g/km

The just revealed facelift of the Audi A5 comes with updated and greener engines.


The A5 family offers engines with turbocharger and direct injection, the Start-Stop is now standard on all models as well as energy recovery systems for emission reductions up to 22%.


The progress made in terms of efficiency allow to obtain a performance sedan that emit less than the European standard set at 130g/km for 2015 (and 95g/km for 2020) and some urban vehicles...

Considered as the greenest V6, the new 3.0 TDI is also one of the only diesel engines to meet the Euro 6 standard.

Audi_A5_facelift (2).jpg

A5 engines, three petrol and four diesel, but we will focus on three in particular :
-The 1.8 TFSI, a 170hp 4 cylinder petrol offering a consumption of 5.7 l/100km for emissions down by 21% at 134g/km.
-The 2.0 TDI 177hp four cylinder, equipped with a manual gearbox, achieves a consumption figure of 4.7 l/100km for emissions of only 122g/km, a direct competitor for the BMW 520d Efficient Dynamics

-And finally, the technological masterpiece, the 204hp V6 meeting the Euro 6 standards, with the multitronic gearbox consumption is 4,9l/100km for emissions of only 129g/km!

An electromechanical power steering that does not consume energy in straight line allows a better contact with the road, better fuel economy (0.3l/100km) and emission reduction (7g/km).

Via Audi
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