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How to choose your electric scooter and which is the best on the market?

Saving time and money are the first benefits of a scooter. And the electric model adds the discretion and the eco-friendly side to these two wheels. But what is the best electric scooter, how to choose? How...

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Hybrid SUVs (and Plug-In Hybrids) for 2019

Here is an article that gathers most of the hybrid SUVs and crossovers available now or next year before an article on the 100% electric suvs coming soon. Let's start with the SUV XS (below 4.30m) and...

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New Rav4 hybrid, launch edition priced at 46300€

Here is the pioneer of the urban SUVs in its new version and hybrid version, while all brands are embracing the hybrid and electric SUV market, the pioneer of this segment is officially launched at the...

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(VIDEO) Launch of the electric Vespa at the price of 6390 €

After a presentation 2 years ago (in November 2016) of the first electric scooter concept by Piaggio, the opening of orders of the first electric Vespa will begin at the 2018 EICMA Show. On the design...

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(VIDEO) The Kona electric urban suv priced from 38400€

  After wondering if the electric car would be a sedan or city car, it's the urban electric SUV that will storm our cities in 2019.     While the electric city cars Zoe and Leaf had launched the...

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Sol Motors Pocket Rocket a urban electric motorcycle L1e

On the occasion of the Intermot 2018 Show held from October 3rd to 7th, the German company Sol Motors based in Stuttgart presents an electric motorbike with a nice design that has attracted three European...

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DS at the 2018 Paris Auto Show, four world premieres, four electric!

At the 2018 Paris Motor Show, DS presents in world first four electrified models, the DS3Crossback an urban SUV that will be offered in full electric, the DS7Crossback E-Tense 4x4 with a hybrid petrol...

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(VIDEO) The new Tesla (hyper) Roadster, a $ 200,000 rocket

Expected for 2020 the new Tesla Roadster has just been revealed at the Fremont factory along with Tesla's semitruck, in short: three figures to remember the 0 to 96.5kph (60mph) in 1.9 seconds a 998km...

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(VIDEO) RAESR Tachyon Speed: first prototype of the 1250hp electric hypercar!

As part of a promotional video of its activities, the company E.On which specializes in charging stations, storage and green electricity production we discover a series of “free” prototypes and electric...

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NIU electric scooters more power, more range (NIU GT, NIU GTX, U PRO, Project X)

The Chinese company NIU arrived on the European market earlier this year with two models, the N1S and the M1S, both electric scooters equivalent to 50cc with removable batteries and affordable price.   On...

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