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(VIDEO) The new Tesla (hyper) Roadster, a $ 200,000 rocket

Expected for 2020 the new Tesla Roadster has just been revealed at the Fremont factory along with Tesla's semitruck, in short: three figures to remember the 0 to 96.5kph (60mph) in 1.9 seconds a 998km...

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(VIDEO) RAESR Tachyon Speed: first prototype of the 1250hp electric hypercar!

As part of a promotional video of its activities, the company E.On which specializes in charging stations, storage and green electricity production we discover a series of “free” prototypes and electric...

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NIU electric scooters more power, more range (NIU GT, NIU GTX, U PRO, Project X)

The Chinese company NIU arrived on the European market earlier this year with two models, the N1S and the M1S, both electric scooters equivalent to 50cc with removable batteries and affordable price.   On...

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(VIDEO) The first autonomous cab in Paris by NAVYA

With the success of their autonomous shuttle the NAVYA SHUTTLE which counts no less than 50 shuttles in Europe, the United States or in Asia on private sites: mainly factories or central for example, it...

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EICMA 2017: electric motorcycles and scooters volume 2 (Energica EsseEsse9, Volta Motorbikes, Eccity 3 wheeler)

After a first selection of electric motorcycles on the show EICMA 2017 yesterday here are other news not to be missed !   Energica EsseEsse9 Third model of the brand, it is a roadster based on the EVA...

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EICMA 2017, electric motorcycles (KTM Freeride E-XC, Essence, Bultaco ...)

The EICMA Show open its doors this week, here are some electric motorcycles news that we have selected!   2018 KTM Freeride E-XC With this 2018 version of their motorcycle cross, KTM announces 50% additional...

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(VIDEO) Tokyo 2017: after the autonomous cars here are the electric motorcycles equipped with artificial intelligence!

The Tokyo Motor Show is the reference for new technologies, this year, Honda and Yamaha present two futuristic electric motorcycles that are self-balanced!   Yamaha MOTOROiD True proof of concept, this...

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First test of this French made LMX 161-H, a super light all-terrain electric motorcycle

At this project’s origin, two young French engineers Adam Mercier and Lucas Suteau who wanted to create a machine close to a downhill mountain bike whose performance would be close to an 85cc dirtbike.   Without...

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(VIDEO) Passenger Drone, a new air taxi revealed!

While car manufacturers are launched in the race to the autonomous car, it is perhaps in the air that the transport revolution will take place with passenger drones, here is the latest one by the company...

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2017 Tokyo Auto Show, a self-balanced electric motorcycle and a world first electric sports-car

The Tokyo Motor Show is obviously the reference show for Japanese manufacturers and while they presented us their Honda Urban EV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in world premiere, it is two world first...

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