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Electric bikes- Greyp G12H: Rimac’s new bike has a 250 km range(VIDEO)

Numerous brands are constantly trying to transform the way and means we use to travel within our cities, and it’s Rimac who is at the invented an electric bike of 250 km range, the Greyp G12H who managed. The...

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The first Mini hybrid rechargeable (Countryman E) for 2017

With more and more automakers are in the race for clean mobility the British automaker Mini has announced the launch of the second generation of the Mini Countryman E, which will have a lithium-ion pack...

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UK- driverless cars: first tests in pedestrianised areas (VIDEO)

A British company has started testing 4O two-seat autonomous vehicles in pedestrianised areas in Milton Keynes not far from London. New tests in the United Kingdom Pedestrians are participating in the...

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Fisker: announced a comeback with the a sedan 100% electric

Henrik Fisker, the former designer for BMW and Aston Martin is back to relaunch the firm after three years of silence. The latter is set to develop a luxury sedan 100% electric to compete with Tesla. The...

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Cars - 3D printed: two new electric cars by 4ekolka and Honda (VIDEO)

The 4ekolka company has announced that they’ll produce a vehicle with a 200 km range. At the same time, Honda presented its customized mini-electric vehicle at the 2016 Parisian auto show. After Local...

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The electric car market interests Dyson (VIDEO)

Aston Martin’s former Director of Product Development has joined the kitchenware giant Dyson, who is said to be interested to join the electric vehicle market. Earlier this year, The Guardian had revealed...

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Mercedes-Benz “Generation EQ”: an electric SUV to be developed for 2020 (VIDEO)

Daimler promises to start selling the new SUV “generation EQ” from 2020, in the mean time, car lovers can admire the vehicle at the Parisian auto show this October. The concept car is electric, dynamic...

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Volkswagen I.D.: an electric concept planned for 2020 (VIDEO)

2015 was a difficult year for Volkswagen but it’s now clear that the automaker’s future will be electric. At last Thursday preview, the German automaker presented a concept car dubbed I.D. Concept that...

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Is 3D printing the next revolution for the car industry? (VIDEO)

Car designing based on 3D printing is an innovation and an opportunity for PSA Peugeot Citroën group, which formed a partnership with Divergent 3D; a company specialized in the design of 3D printed complex...

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(VIDEO) 2016 Paris Motor Show : Zoe with a 400km range and the concept TREZOR

Update of yesterday's article with the first official images and video of the Renault TREZOR and confirmation of the Zoe 40 That is the press days today of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Renault announces...

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