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Additional informations - 220mm disc brakes and dual piston calipers - Inverted fork with 120mm wheelbase - Battery of 84V and 32Ah, 700 cycles of charge - Aluminum monocoque chassis - 2 years warranty   Our opinion This electric scooter is a UFO in the market, a real headturner, it handles like a big bike, sneaks like a bicycle and works strong for a 50cc, you will leave the 125cc far behind at the start! Clearly it's more a mini super moto than a scooter, you will love it! The ETT Raker has been in development for 4 years, it is very reliable, the brand announces that on the 100 first units delivered none has known a failure.    PROS -Manability & grip -2kW that grow! -Look -Finish -Center of gravity -2 disc brakes -Modularity with accessories -Updates available to everyone   CONS   -"Sporty" comfort of the saddle -Battery not removable (for now) -Homologated for one (it fits two and the max payload is 250kg ...)

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  • Type : 2 Wheels Scooter Bike
  • Power : 3 ch