(VIDEO) French electric motorcycle: launch of the Electric Motion eTrek

Electric Motion is one of the pioneers of electric motorcycles in France with its electric trial bikes launched in 2010. This trial bike, which is now available in three versions, has made it possible...

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(VIDEO) O-R3 an autonomous car and a drone, the new team of the Dubai Police

In addition to their supercars fleet the Dubai Police has just announced that they will be test a new tandem with an autonomous vehicle and a drone, a high-tech shock team dubbed O-R3!   Decidedly...

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155 units only for the first electric Aston Martin #RapidE

We had announced this Aston Martin Rapide electric in October 2015 and presented the first informations, it is now official, 155 units only with performances "not experienced before in an Aston Martin."   Almost...

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Fiat500_Dinghy_DC1_Jolly (2).jpg

Ma Dinghy, the electric Fiat 500 Jolly!

While the Fiat 500 is entering today the New York Museum of Modern Art and celebrating its 60th anniversary, we are pleased to introduce you to an electric version molto bella, the Dinghy DC1, a French...

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Free_Form_GratisX1 (6).jpg

(VIDEO) Gratis X1 - an electric jetski lighter than a gasoline one!

While most electric Jet Skis are still prototypes of DIYers, Free Form Factory has just revealed an electric jet that seems even better than a gasoline one, the Gratis X1!   Imagined by Jordan Darling,...

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(VIDEO) Forze VII, a hydrogen racing car

Here is the latest creation of the Technical University of Delft in Holland, the FORZE VII!     The project and saga Forze began in 2008 for the University of Delft with the wish to present a hydrogen...

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