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Mercedes-Benz : The first Urban eTuck to be sold by 2020

Mercedes-Benz is one of those carmakers who have placed sustainable mobility is a priority. The Urban eTruck, which was presented in July, is designed to deliver goods in urban areas of cities. Specialists...

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The Valene Black Mamba: What a thrill that is technologically simple!

On the 29th of July, the Maltese company Silex Power revealed their first-ever electric vehicle; the Valene black Mamba. The prototype three-wheeled sport car, which is supposed to start selling in 2017,...

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Nissan: a revolutionary prototype with a cruising range of 600km using SOFC technology

Nissan, the Japanese carmaker unveiled the prototype of a clean vehicle powered by Solid Oxyde Fuel-Cell (SOFC) technology.This is an interesting option for Nissan since the latter wants to offer more...

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An EV by Mercedes-Benz with 500 km range on the horizon

According to the latest news, Mercedes-Benz is pursuing its path in the EV arena. The German carmaker who recently revealed a prototype of its electric truck dubbed Urban eTruck, announced a project to...

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(VIDEO) Roborace: first glimpse to the autonomous race car - Devbot

(Update of August 18th article with the first images and a video demo) The Roborace is a beast, literally similar to a supercar from a science-fiction movie. Showcased for the first time in March this...

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(VIDEO) Edna by Atieva prototype goes 0 to 100kph in less than 3 seconds!

Edna is a prototype whose powertrain was taken from a Mercedes Vito. The electric vehicle won for the second time a fantastic drag race, which was held this month. The race was against a BMW i8 and a Dodge...

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Ford Focus: battery pack to be upgraded for 2017

A new version of the Ford Focus will be introduced on the US and Canadian market end of this year. This new version will have a new battery pack of 33,5 kWh. The pioneer car brand is already a bit late...

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(VIDEO) Uber partners with Volvo to bring autonomous cabs

This mid-August, Uber announced a partnership with the Swedish carmaker Volvo in order to make their car-sharing service the first to integrate autonomous technology within its vehicles. The two companies...

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(VIDEO) Nissan BladeGLider « the EV for car lovers »

You certainly remember the BladeGlider concept-car presented by Nissan at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, following the acclaim received then, the brand that has imposed its electric compact sedan as top...

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Citroen CXperience a gasoline plug-in hybrid CX at the 2016 Paris Auto Show

With the experience of the DS5 Citroen feels confident in the segment and presents a concept-car for the 2016 Paris Auto Show, the CXperience a large sedan gasoline plug-in hybrid with shooting brake lines...

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