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(VIDEO) Piaggio launches two electric bikes - Piaggio Wi-Bike

We introduced their electric bike prototype unveiled at the 2014 EICMA Show, Piaggio seek to take market shares in the electric bike market with its Wi-bike Since the concept they have evolved and offer...

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(VIDEO) Renault's driverless car plan and tech

The French car brand has been designing prototypes of autonomous cars for several years now. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the research, project and sale of their futuristic car straight...

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(VIDEO) Storm Pulse - The first electric touring motorcycle has 380km of range

The University Storm Eindhoven - specialized in developing electric vehicles - unveiled a prototype of an electric motorcycle.  The team will also organize a world tour in 80 days to prove the efficiency...

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The “Super 73” Electric bike takes us back into the 70s

Here is a project from Lithium Cylces which is now financed on Kickstarter. With 1000 watt of power, “the Super 73” is a powerfull electric bike that packs plenty of "hip" functionalities, SoCal way! The...

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(VIDEO) Navya Arma, the non-polluting, autonomous, French shuttle bus. The future is here!

The EDF nuclear power plant in Civaux (West of France) is the pioneer in carrying its employees sustainably. Civaux is the first industrial site to acquire electric and autonomous shuttles, which are used...

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Who wants to learn how to drive in just a few months?

You want to get your driving license, but you have no time? The driving license could just be the solution for you. The whole process of getting a driver’s license can be such a pain! The driver’s license...

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HotRoad_racer_ebike (3).jpg

Hot Road french chopper e-bikes and pedelecs

Here is a French electric bike novelty that comes from the Paris region, the brand Hotroad with interesting designs and a very bike inspired looks for two frames, the Chopper and Racer models.   These...

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(VIDEO) Selection of design bikes and e-bikes - cycling guide 2016 - LikeBike show

Several times a year we make you share our favorite bikes – mostly on the occasion of Eurobike - whether classic or electric (pedelecs) - is this time at the LikeBike show that we searched for novelties...

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Volkswagen designs a unique model to compete with the Tesla model 3

After the huge Dieselgate scandal that tarnished Volkswagen’s image, the company apparently wants to improve its reputation for customers as well as for the competitors. In a way, the company wants to...

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(VIDEO) E-Go aircraft: serial production set to start this year

Giotto Castelli in his drive for perfection made the remarkably light, compact and accessible airplane.   E-Go offers high flexibility E-Go was constructed from lightweight carbon fiber. The small aircraft...

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