(VIDEO) Hybrid Crossover: Kia Niro Hybrid - hey Qashqai I have Watts!

Teased for several weeks, here is the first hybrid crossover of Kia, a strategic segment on which competition is sharpening its claws and getting watts!     Taking advantage of a Qashqai which will...

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Riversimple RASA.jpg

(VIDEO) Riversimple Rasa, the hydrogen and English version of the VW XL1

At the game of minimum consumption, the Volkswagen XL1, a technology demonstrator presented in 2011 was showing the way ... At least until then! As the very efficient XL1 diesel plug-in hybrid is now challenged...

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(VIDEO) ArcaBoard: to make a real hoverboard you need 36 propellers!

Since the first appearance of the Hoverboard in the movie back to the future, the techs geeks have always dreamed of flying one of these machines ... This impossible dream is getting closer has electric...

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(VIDEO) Geneva 2016, E-Tense, Citroen DS' avantgarde is an electric sportscar

A few days before the opening of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Citroën creates the surprise with a concept of electric sports GT that sits DS in a sporty and electric direction!     We remember the...

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(VIDEOS) Electric hypercars in 2016 - up to € 1.4million and 2000hp!

Everyone wants to become the next Elon Musk! While leading manufacturers of sports cars are offering hybrid hypercars, like the 918 Spyder, LaFerrari, McLaren P1... and the Bugatti Chiron that will arrive...

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(VIDEO) The Bugatti Chiron sets the bar at 2.4€ million and 420kph!

Finally revealed on the 2016 Geneva Show, here is the superlative Chiron, replacement for the non-least spectacular Veyron in its final version with a specs sheet and a price !!     We had presented...

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(VIDEO) Toyota KIKAI, a hybrid Twizy that exposes its components

Among Toyota's novelties exhibited on the 2016 Geneva Motor Show we spotted a very intriguing concept car, the Kikai, a micro city-car with hybrid motor, zoom on this unidentified rolling object. Toyota...

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(VIDEO) Techrules - Wants to succeed where Jaguar failed - Turbine Range Extender

Here is the return of a technology that Jaguar presented in the C-X75 but whose development has been aborted, the turbine range extender!   Hybrid hypercar Techrules AT96 the figures: 1044hp and 8640nm...

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