Hyundai Ioniq, targets the Prius with hybrid, phev and full EV techs

Update of Decmeber 8th article with the video reveal of the Ioniq Hyundai has just announced the arrival of a hybrid electric model called Ioniq, getting its name from a concept-car presented in Geneva...

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FranceCraft Pixel XYT.jpg

France Craft, a modular and scalable platform of electric car

If you don't fit in any mold France Craft has an idea for you, this French company offers custom electric cars from an open source platform. Presented among the cream of the French Tech at the 2016 CES...

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Sales of electric cars in 2015 in France, range of compact electric cars to increase in 2016

While in 2015 the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoé (R240) saw their autonomy come closer to the 250km allowing the Renault Zoe to break all records in France with 60% of the market share and 10406 units sold,...

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(VIDEO) Manned drone Ehang 184, the future of mobility?

While all kinds of drones are sold worldwide some companies are already seeing forward with manned drones or  single person aircrafts such as in the concept e-volo or Hirobo, the company Ehang is now also...

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