KSR TTX, an electric scooter for the price of a bike - price € 1,599

The market for electric two-wheelers is trusted by the electric bicycles (pedelecs) in Europe, thanks mostly to its price, more attractive than electric scooters, which usually start at around € 4,000...

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(VIDEO) Nissan launches series hybrid cars - Note e-Power specs

Having conquered most of the market of the electric car and paved the way for electric mobility, Nissan starts a new challenge with the hybrid electric vehicles and chose to do so the series hybrid or...

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The Sea Bubbles : innovative battery-driven vehicles navigating on the water in Paris next June

One year after their creation, Sea Bubbles covered some distance. These futuristic battery-driven vehicles "flying" over the water are being tested and should navigate the Seine from next June. Attractive,...

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EICMA 2016 - the Vespa becoming electric in 2017!

The most iconic scooters is going electric, a first for Piaggio, which had until then only presented a hybrid version of its MP3, it is the EICMA 2016 - the Italian two-wheeler show that the brand presents...

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(VIDEO) Jaguar iPace - first official rival to the Tesla Model X

We presented you a few weeks ago the first electric Jaguar, an SUV named iPace, Jaguar just unveiled the brand's latest current!   It is for the least unexpected but it is Jaguar the rather traditional...

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NextEv, the mysterious and impressing future electric supercar

NextEv, new producer of battery-driven sports vehicles with high-performance is soon going to reveal (in November 21st in London) his hypercar NextEv 1, which promises high technological exploit. A still...

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(VIDEO) NextEV - NIO EP9 the electric hypercar smashes the EV Nurburgring record

We told you about it last week, NextEV has just unveiled the NIO EP9, a race and track oriented electric supercar that surpasses by 360ch the pioneer of electric hypercars, the Rimac One!   Record on...

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PRNewsFoto:Hyundai Motor America.png

Hyundai motor plans an autonomous vehicle and car sharing - starts with the Ioniq

Hyundai, Korean car manufacturer, becomes more important on the segment of the electric and hybrid motor cars, with his model Ioniq. He pursues his development with the willingness to develop an autonomous...

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Mercedes AMG R50 - a new one:1 hypercar one the way

In order to celebrate the 50 years of AMG an hypercar with the ideal power weight ratio of 1/1 - only reached by the Koenigsegg One: 1 - would be under study, here are some initial informations on the...

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Thrustcycle Gyrocycle a self-balanced electric motorcycle in the Akira style

If you like futuristic looks and technology you will be served! Here is a motorcycle designed by Clyde Igarashi, an entrepreneur based in Honolulu     The idea is to offer a self-balanced motorcycle,...

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