Tesla Model X competition by BMW and Audi coming... in 2018!

For the Frankfurt Motor to open in September, Audi will present the C-BEV also called Q6 (e-tron), a 100% electric SUV imagined to face the Model X, but rumors also announce a response from BMW with the...

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Swincar_e-spider (3).jpg

(VIDEO) Swincar e-Spider the pendulum electric quad

Here is a French project that is all over the web, a spider quad with quite impressive climbing ability thanks to independent articulated arms and independent suspension, a patented tilting technology! Performances...

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(VIDEO) Personal Mobility Device : Walkcar is a MacBook with wheels

Always on the lookout for new vehicles and new inventions, we regularly present personnal mobility devices, whether they serve for the last mile logistics, helping to develop intermodality, or more likely...

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Frankfurt 2015: Audi e-tron Quattro Concept (Q6 e-tron)

On August 1st we wrote on the arrival of electric SUVs at BMW and Audi, ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi is the first to unveil its plans with the e-tron Quattro Concept.     Audi just revealed...

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Spyker comes back with Volta Volaré's wings!

We presented the project Volta Volaré in 2012, a series hybrid aircraft with a combustion engine used as generator.... The news may have been missed has it happened during the holidays but that company...

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Formula E 2015-2016 season, what to expect!

Update of October 20th article due to the arrival of VW in the race! After a launch season, Formula E is now recognized around the world and can accelerate, promising a more thrilling second season, new...

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Frankfurt 2015, an electric Porsche Pajun to compete with Tesla?

While yesterday we presented the answer to Tesla's electric SUV with the Audi e-tron Quattro Concept / Q6 e-tron and BMW X7...  Today it is Porsche that could enter another segment where Tesla is present,...

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Citroën: an electric Mehari for Frankfurt 2015!? #CactusM

The information just came in from l'Automobile Magazine, the Chevrons brand recently registered the name e-Mehari, which suggests a concept of fun electric car to be unveiled very soon!     For now...

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(VIDEO) Urban Rush, the future of electric bikes

Urban Rush is the project of the designer Florian Mayer who imagined for the brand Canyon an ideal electric bike for urban cyclists!     Starting from the fact that the urban cyclist spends only 15%...

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Electric bicycle kit: Go-e bike, removable and easy to install

The Austrian company OnWheel presents on KickStarter an electrification system for your bike that relies on a roller technology such as the good old Solex! We already presented Rubee a kit "all in one"...

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