Tokyo 2015, this EV roadster is fitted with Artificial Intelligence!

As always the Tokyo Motor Show is the playground of Japanese manufacturers to introduce the most innovative and inventive concepts! Mitsubishi will present a technology demonstrator called Emirai 3 xAUTO...

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Yamaha’s PES2 electric motorcycle goes two-wheel drive

Still no launch date announced but the two concepts of electric motorcycles Yamaha PES1 and PED1 presented in 2013 will return for the 2015 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show! Based on the same technology,...

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Scoot Electric Carsharing in San Francisco, says Hello Twizy!

Scoot, a company based in San Francisco has announced the launch of an intermodal vehicle sharing scheme with the Scoot Quad electric car based among others on the Twizy with Nissan badge the New Mobility...

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(VIDEO) Marty, this electric DeLorean Drifts autonomously

We have already presented some electric DeLorean, the Stanford University decided to go further with Marty, an autonomous electric DeLorean aiming for the perfect drift!     The students made the...

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(VIDEO) 1000hp electric Aston RapidE revealed

Just a few weeks ago we were presenting some of the electric luxury sedan that will flourish in the coming years following the success of the Tesla Model S, among others, we announced the development of...

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Geely London Cab + = PHEV TX5

The London Taxi is one of the most iconic just as New York's Yellow Cab, therefore various companies aim to buiild its replacement (ie Metrocab) with a more updated style and tech!   Two years ago, one...

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(VIDEO) Morgan EV3 – Morgan’s electric three-wheeler as the range of a Nissan Leaf!

We were expecting it at GoodWood but it has been quiet there… Nonetheless the prototype of electric Morgan 3-wheeler does exist and its performance are rather interesting! Here is a focus on this car as...

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(VIDEO) Honda NSX 2016 - final specs sheet

It is through its US branch – Acura, that the series model NSX surfaces, it will be premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show that will open its doors next month! In development since 2012 Honda is refining...

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Tokyo 2015, the Leaf's future is autonomous and has 60kWh range - Nissan IDS

While a test fleet of autonomous Leaf has been launched in Japan and that the 2015 version of the Leaf announces 26% more range at 250km, it is a concept-car that foreshadows the evolution of the brand...

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